Sunday, 16 January 2011


Last night was Sushi night.  As you can see from the picture we tried a nice sample of sushi bites and enjoyed them so much that Nico bought a sushi recipe book!

So that's one more ticked of the list of thirty and one more recipe to add to the repertoire!

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Christmas was more hectic than ever this year.  Well, December in general was really with the Christmas markets, visits from friends and family, the end of term and finally the long journey home but it was worth it!

We spent two weeks catching up with friends and family as well as trying to get around as many sights in England as possible - to show Nico the country's best side on his first visit there.  The first view was of course the white cliffs of Dover as we arrived on the ferry on the Wednesday afternoon following a stay over is Brussels, Belgium. 

Christmas was spent with family - seeing my beautiful niece on Christmas Eve, and all the family on Christmas and Boxing Day.  The following week we visited Whitby with Gran and the Lakes.

Following New Years at Hayley and Simon's we went to York with them.  Now we are back in Bremen following an even longer journey back.  We were lucky enough that the snow stopped on both sides of the Channel long enough for us to get back safely and started again as soon as we arrived back in Bremen.  Well, it started again in England.  Here there is still snow on the ground from before we left but it is holding up so far at 11 degrees!