Welcome to my Goals page!

I will turn 40 on 2nd April 2025. Here are 40 things I would like to do before then:

~try scuba diving
~buy a house
~see the northern lights
~see an opera
~do the three peaks
~learn to plait Isabella's hair
~hot air balloon
~bake bread
~climb a mountain
~go on a camping holiday
~complete a calligraphy course
~watch the BBC top 100 films
~cultivate a garden
~eat lobster
~eat at a Michelin star restaurant
~buy some 'proper' bedding 
~restore a piece of furniture
~invest in new glasses 
~learn to play backgammon
~fly a kite
~read the works of Charles Dickens
~try three new hairstyles
~capsule wardrobe project
~visit Africa
~learn to play poker
~see a whale in the wild
~sew a dress for myself 
~go on a girls weekend away
~uncover the mystery around my greatgrandmother
~paint Easter eggs / Egg hunt
~go to the shooting festival
~fondu night
~pay it forward
~learn to rollerskate
~cheese tasting
~bake and decorate a cake
~see Stonehenge
~be debt free
~take Isabella and Joshua to Disneyland
~run a half marathon

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